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hi -- when i download the game, it's in japanese and doesn't have an option i can find to play in english. am i missing it?? thank you!


Sorry, is this the mac version?

If it is the mac version, there seems to be a problem with the settings UI.

Please try switching the language setting in the settings UI to Japanese and then to English again.

You should now be able to play in English.

no, just windows. okay, i see! the UI is in japanese, so i couldn't tell what was "settings" or what was the language. thank you!

this game is beautiful and your artwork is so lovely -- thank you for including it in douzine!!

I am glad you were able to play in English. Thanks for playing!

I really enjoy your game. Would you be interested for me to translate it into french ? I'm a french translator who just started a reconversion so i'm looking for indie game to localize in french.
If you're interested, you can write to me !

This was fun! I liked the friendly atmosphere of the game, upbeat and optimistic - very fitting for a spring walk. The artwork is great, supporting the overall feel perfectly.

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If only we could all be that of the tanuki, wandering to their friend's house, collecting both wild plants and adventurous memories...

This game is really sweet! A nice, relaxing experience. The art style in particular is absolutely wonderful!!! It fits the vibe the game's going for perfectly!!!!!! And overall, it's just a perfect experience... Thank you for making it! As a random aside, the bit at the beginning with Tanuki thinking about game dev is excellent!!!!! Everybody should express themselves in one way or another,  just like Tanuki!!!

Thank you!!!

I'm so glad you found it relaxing!